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Asian Festival of Children’s Content

Pitch your unpublished manuscripts to editors, publishers and literary representatives from Asia and beyond, for the chance to see your dream book projects become reality!

Who Can Pitch:
  1. The pitch is open to unpublished manuscripts for children, middle grade and Young Adult’s (YA) literature.
  2. All applicants must be an AFCC 2022 pass holder (either 1 - Day Pass or 4 - Day Pass)
Pitching Guidelines:
  1. Application for pitching slots shall be made through the online application form
  2. Applicants must own the rights to, or are authorised representatives, of the unpublished manuscripts they are pitching.
  3. As part of the application, please prepare the following information:
    a. Format of work
    b. Genre of work
    c. Target audience age range
    d. Summary of story/project (at least 80 words). 
  4. Prior to the pitch, applicants will request for panellists who are a match for their work and will customise their pitch based on what our panel of editors, publishers and agents are looking for. Please be advised that all applications will go through a vetting process. While best efforts will be made to accommodate all requests, not all applications may be granted an appointment due to limited meeting slots.
  5. On the day of the pitch, applicants will meet one-on-one with their pre-scheduled agent/publisher/editor in a designated breakout room. Each session runs for up to 7 minutes, which includes a response from the agent/publisher/editor with feedback. After the session, applicants will then be brought back to the waiting room.
  6. Applicants are allowed to schedule up to three (3) meetings. Additional meeting schedules will only be allowed at the discretion of the concerned agent/publisher/editor.
  7. Pitching schedules are on a first come, first served basis.

SBC reserves the right to identify the most suitable schedules for the pitches, and to reject schedule requests that it deems unfitting or mismatched with its panel of editors, publishers and agents. Please be advised that all applications will go through a vetting process.

While best efforts will be made to accommodate all requests, please note that not all applications may be granted an appointment due to limited meeting slots. The assignment of meeting slots will be made based on each application's relevance to what the representatives are looking for.

If you must cancel for any reason, please notify us via email at by 18 June 2022.


Writer's Pitch Application Form

Featured publishers, editors and literary representatives:

Priti Sharma (Epigram Books) 

Priti Sharma Devata is an associate editor of children’s books at Epigram where she publishes both fiction and non-fiction picture books in early reader and middle grade categories.  Priti has more than 21 years of experience in teaching and developing language and literary courses for online and classroom environments for both college and university.


Looking for: 

  • Picture books
  • Early Readers
  • Middle Grade Graphic Novels (from author-illustrator creators)
  • Middle Grade Novels reflecting/exploring Southeast Asian and/or Singaporean experience

Frances Ong (Tahanan Books)

Frances Ong is Managing Editor at Tahanan Books for Young Readers, where she has overseen the production and publication of dozens of children’s books. Among the titles she has shepherded through all phases of production are Ay Naku!, Tagu-Taguan, and Mang Andoy’s Signs — all recipients of the (Philippine) National Children’s Book Award.


Looking for: 

  • General, all genres of children's books 

Mindy Pang (Marshall Cavendish International Asia) 

Mindy Pang has more than a decade of experience as an editor and marketing manager at Marshall Cavendish International (Asia). She was the driving force behind key publications as a senior editor and currently develops marketing strategies to help the publishing house remain a leading publisher in Asia and beyond.


Looking for: 

  • General, all genres of children's books 

Nida Ramirez (Avenida Books) 

Nida Ramirez has worked as a teacher, copywriter for TV, store keeper, secretary, events producer, and bookkeeper, before becoming general manager of Visprint's publishing arm since it started in 2001. Since then, the publishing house known for its successive bestselling titles, has received several National Book Awards including the coveted Publisher of the Year in 2015. While handling the closure of Visprint's publication in 2020, Nida Ramirez started her own publishing company, Avenida Books, and continued to produce novels, comics, and graphic novels. With more than two decades in the business and popular titles that have been adapted into films, stage plays, musicals, and TV series already under her belt, she continues to provide opportunities for talented writers and artists, and represent Filipino authors for international publication.


Looking for: 

  • Comics, graphic novels 
  • Children's books (all genres) 

Sarah Odedina (Pushkin Press) 

Sarah Odedina is Editor-at-Large for Pushkin Press where she is responsible for acquiring middle grade and teen titles. Her career in publishing has spanned almost three decades during which time she has worked with some of the greats of children’s literature including Neil Gaiman, J. K. Rowling and Louis Sachar.  Sarah says that one of her greatest pleasures is her ability to work with emerging authors and launch new voices. 


Looking for: 

  • Middle grade 
  • Teenagers