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Asian Festival of Children’s Content

By Adia Tay

Picture Book Category

A lonely boy chances upon a kite and his life changes forever. A newly found kite fills a boy with wonder. Worried that the wind might blow his kite away, he keeps it close. But kites are meant to fly, so the boy flies his kite, only to have the wind carry it away… A beautifully illustrated book about the what-ifs in life.

Adia Tay (Author & Illustrator)

Adia Tay is a singer, songwriter, poet and author. She published her first music album, Kintsugi, and poetry collection, Close Enough, in 2019. And when she isn’t noodling away on her guitar, doodling on paper or brooding over beautiful words, she writes stories for children. What If the Wind Tears My Kite? is her first picture book.


Keep an eye out for the feature interview coming soon!

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