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Asian Festival of Children’s Content

By Priscilla Tey

Picture Book Category

Tick, tock! Three cups. Tick, tock! Three saucers. With nine minutes left, everything was ready. Or was it? Itch the witch is having company over for tea. As the clock counts down to tea o’clock, Itch’s mind is in a tizzy: is her house too twitchy? Is her home too itchy? Zipping and zooming, dusting and brooming, Itch sweeps and bewitches the mess away (just in the nick of time). But as soon as her two guests walk in, Itch’s housekeeping comes unraveled. How will Itch tame such an itchy, glitchy, fidgety mess? Visual hijinks abound as a nervous witch gets swept away with trying to tidy up before company comes—only to discover that being with friends is what really matters. In this book, Priscilla Tey uses computer-aided design (and evokes familiar computer glitches) to present a delightfully meta, intricately illustrated story that dazzles as it amuses.

Priscilla Tey (Author & Illustrator)

Priscilla Tey is an illustrator and picture book maker. A graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), she also maintains a healthy sheep obsession. Her first picture book In-Between Things (Candlewick Press, 2018) featured in The Wall Street Journal, and Publishers Weekly praised her “quirky, ingenious, and highly disciplined aesthetic” in a starred review. In June 2021, she released Twitchy Witchy Itch under Candlewick Press. Priscilla enjoys working with a variety of media from watercolour and gouache, to digital illustration.

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