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Asian Festival of Children’s Content

By J.H. Low

Picture Book Category

A powerful story that will move readers of all ages to think about what it means to truly be free. What is it like to fly in the sky? A boy and his faithful friends take a journey of self-discovery in this captivating crossover picture book full of arresting illustrations. In a society that has everything mapped out for him, the boy yearns for a place where he can be himself. Faced with gatekeepers and obstacles, can he succeed?

J.H. Low (Author & Illustrator)

J.H. Low has a degree in fine art, a MA in Children’s Illustration, and a PhD (in The Expressive Potential of the Picturebook Form). A 2016 finalist for Best Children’s Title in the Singapore Book Award and the first runner-up for the 2019 Scholastic Picturebook Award, J.H. Low is known for his masterful artworks and creative narratives. His recent picturebook Lemonade Sky is featured in the White Ravens catalogue 2021. His latest published book Mr Goodchild, is a cryptic graphic novel that revolves around the life of an anthropomorphic goat.

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