Be part of the first webinar presented as part of Asian Festival of Children's Content (AFCC) Digital, a lead-up event to AFCC 2020!

Digital Storytelling Tools with Rushton Hurley 

Join teacher trainer and educational technology researcher Rushton Hurley on this webinar, where he shares various digital storytelling tools to keep your kids glued to their seats. If you are a teacher, storyteller or parent, discover how you can help your students and children tell their stories in compelling, creative ways with the latest web-based tools.

This session is the first webinar presented as part of AFCC Digital, a lead-up event to the 2020 Asian Festival of Children’s Content, which will take place from 3rd – 4th October.

Watch the webinar here: 

About the Speaker

Rushton Hurley has trained teachers and school leaders around the world on creative uses of technology for fostering and sharing stories of success. A former Japanese language teacher and school principal, he now runs, a non-profit based in the Silicon Valley that has helped educators all around the world discover the possibilities of digital media in teaching. He is also a featured speaker at AFCC 2020.