The Asian Festival of Children’s Content provides a platform for speakers and participants of the Festival to launch their book or product as part of the Festival activities and in so doing grows the awareness of quality Asian publications.

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17 May 2017 (Wednesday)

L1, Plaza 17 May 2017, 12:50pm – 1:20pm

Malong The Magic Cloth

Mary Ann Ordinario & Pepot Atienza

A boy narrates his exceptional true-to-life experience about the Malong, the famous traditional cloth worn by numerous tribes in the Philippines. He believes that the Malong has magical powers and it transforms into a variety of functions to help his family. This is the ultimate book for children to discover the magical things around them.

L1, Plaza 17 May 2017, 1:30pm – 2:00pm

A Grain of Love

Kow Hui

The Cambodia Civil War has taken its toll on the Khmers, especially children who are deprived of basic food for survival. Volunteers from all over the world make a difference by preparing rice and meals for the children. This inspiring real life story will show readers that they, too, can make a difference. Where there is love, there is hope.

B1, My Tree House 17 May 2017, 4:15pm – 4:45pm

SnapLearn VR

Gerald Cai

AR and VR opens up exciting new ways of storytelling and learning. Join the official launch of SnapLearn VR in Singapore and experience the unique combination of Virtual Tours and Activity Books!

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18 May 2017 (Thursday)

B1, My Tree House 18 May 2017, 10:00am – 10:30am

Bholu and the Smart Card

Varsha Seshan

Priya thinks she is all alone on a Mumbai local train, but discovers that Bholu, mascot of the Indian Railways, is on the train too! The book is also sold as part of a kit that includes a CD and a Connect the Dots activity.

L1, Plaza 18 May 2017, 10:00am – 10:30am

Book Launch of Scholastic Picture Book Award 2015 Titles

The First Journey by Phung Nguyen Quang and Huynh Kim Lien and Wandering Off by Wendy Aw and Alan Choong

This book launch will introduce the inaugural titles from Scholastic Picture Book Award 2015 – The First Journey by Phung Nguyen Quang and Huynh Kim Lien and Wandering Off by Wendy Aw and Alan Choong. 

B1, My Tree House 18 May 2017, 12:50pm – 1:20pm

The Fix-It Man

Dimity Powell & Nicky Johnston

A young girl must cope with the loss of her mother. However, repairing broken hearts is not as straightforward as fixing broken toys. Together with her father, she discovers that love can sometimes be the best glue of all.

L1, Plaza 18 May 2017, 1:15pm – 1:45pm


Kavitha Mandana

Twins Anandita and Arjun seem to live for music -- singing, playing the guitar and generally drowning their teenage angst in edgy lyrics. But who really is the mystery songwriter that they can't credit, and whom their mother frets about?

B1, My Tree House 18 May 2017, 1:30pm – 2:00pm

My Blade Quest Book 1 & 2

Don Bosco

Jay and his elder sister Shu have inherited Blade Quest Industries, a mega card game empire created by their late parents. When a jealous rival bent on destroying Blade Quest arrives on the scene, Jay and Shu are launched into a gripping adventure to locate a long lost treasure, overcome obstacles, and make new friends along the way.

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19 May 2017 (Friday)

L1, Plaza 19 May 2017, 10:00am – 10:30am

Wonderful Lights; Wonderful Shoes

Teoh Choon Ean

Sisters Ally and Lanna love learning about the Malaysian culture. In Wonderful Lights and Wonderful Shoes, they learned that lights are used in various festivals and different types of shoes are worn for different occasions across different races in Malaysia.

B1, My Tree House 19 May 2017, 10:00am – 10:30am

Ranger Anne and the Mischievous Orangutan

Anita Sebastian & Eliz Ong

In this book, Ranger Anne takes care of a young orangutan who is both mischievous and charming. Readers see how some animals behave like us and also, have feelings just like us.

L1, Plaza 19 May 2017, 12:50pm – 1:20pm

Children’s Literacy and the Narrative Art of Indonesian Picture Books

Room to Read

Twenty new titles written in Bahasa Indonesia for beginning readers will be launched by Room to Read and its partners Mizan, Kanisius, Bestari, YLAI and Litara. The titles demonstrate the country’s exciting range of storybook styles. A storytelling performance by students of Sekolah Indonesia Singapura will highlight the book launches.

L1, Plaza 19 May 2017, 1:30pm – 2:00pm

Bekal-Bekal Yummy

Debby Lukito Goeyardi

Bring your own lunchbox! This book is for primary school children and shares why it's important to bring your own lunchbox, tips on how to prepare your own lunchbox in a creative way and other fun facts.

L16, The Pod 19 May 2017, 5:00pm – 6:30pm

The Young Scientists Series

Nury Vittachi, Step Cheung & World Scientific Publishing

This series shows that great discoveries have been made by people of all ages and cultures — some are young people, and many are female. From Marie Curie to Galileo Galilei, come discover the phenomenal little-known stories of household names.

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20 May 2017 (Saturday)

L1, Plaza 20 May 2017, 10:00am – 10:30am

Indonesian Children Poetry (Kurcaci Berpuisi)

Indonesian Children & Yose Sulawu and Friends

Children poetry is the rare one to publish. This anthology is a space for children to freely express their feelings. It was written by Indonesian children, translated into English by Narudin.

L1, Plaza 20 May 2017, 11:45am – 12:15pm

Where oh Where is Monty Bear?

Belinda Trewartha, Rebecca Hamer, Zura Johnson

Where oh Where is Monty Bear? is the first in the “Monty Bear” series written by two early childhood education experts. The second book, Where oh Where is Monty Bear? Singapore, finds Monty in Singapore on a quest to answer a riddle. Both books are a fun way for parents and children to explore key concepts of change, risk taking and international-mindedness.

L1, Plaza 20 May 2017, 12:45pm – 1:15pm

SDG Pyramid to Happiness

United in Diversity

A Play card that reframes the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into a pyramid of 3-harmonies as pathway to happiness. They are the ‘people with people’, ‘people with nature’, and ‘people with spiritual’ harmonies.

L1, Plaza 20 May 2017, 1:15pm – 1:45pm

Design Thinking (Book 1 - Breakfast)

Ufuk Ceylan & Dilek Yördem Ceylan

“Design Thinking (Breakfast)” is about teaching design principles to children between 5 to 12 ages. It tells children the process of designing through the act of cooking. There will be 3 books in the series: Breakfast (Cooking), Craft (Toy & Gadget Design) and Code (Programming).

L1, Plaza 20 May 2017, 2:30pm – 3:00pm

Luminous Sword and the Woods of Mystery

E.A. Westdove & Queenie Ou

Step into a world of fantasy, mystery and adventure! Jusvin Titanium was embroiled in an intriguing disappearance of a student at Merpixies Academy. The seasons of their lands had been affected. Herogus had usurped the throne. A thrilling tale awaits as the characters discover their identities, form friendships and seek for justice.

L1, Plaza 20 May 2017, 4:00pm – 4:30pm

Si Pencuri Ketawa: Kisah Di Dalam Taman Di Persisiran

Rilla Melati

This Malay children book tells the story of a colony of five little creatures, the Mini Mons - each the height of three jambu (guava) tall, who live at the foot of one of the Supertree Groves inside Gardens by the Bay.

L1, Plaza 20 May 2017, 4:30pm – 5:00pm

My Name is Nadia. I have Autism. Nama saya Nadia. Saya ada Autisme.

Huda Patel & Evelyn Ghozalli

This story is about an autistic girl. This book is the first in the 'I am Unique' series that celebrates the special qualities in every child, inspiring children to embrace their uniqueness, and to live their life to the fullest.

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21 May 2017 (Sunday)

L1, Plaza 21 May 2017, 10:30am – 11:00am

Chinese Festivals and Legends – AR Interactive Children’s Book

Aspirin & Young, SeenVision

Presenting a new form of storytelling to young children, by integrating Augmented Reality and multimedia content with a picture book format, bridging ancient culture with new technology, making learning fun and interactive. Hopefully to intrigue and pique curiosity of young minds, to dare them to imagine the seemingly impossible.

L1, Plaza 21 May 2017, 12:30pm – 1:00pm

Pickle Mania

Srividhya Venkat & Shailja Jain Chougule

Nitya is not permitted to taste the red pickles her grandparents eat because pickles are “too spicy for children”. However, she is not one to give up easily. What does she do to satisfy her ‘Pickle Mania’?

L1, Plaza 21 May 2017, 2:00pm – 2:30pm

The Arabic Alphabet of Huruf Island

Ukht Husni & Dian Ovieta

A groundbreaking approach to introducing the Arabic alphabet. Presented in the form of a story, children will be exposed to the Arabic alphabet as characters and captivating images will help them remember the alphabet in relation to the story.

L1, Plaza 21 May 2017, 3:30pm – 4:00pm

Garden of Values

Titus Yong, Chloe Young & Aeron Young

A delightful introduction for parents and educators to cultivate character values with their children, this book showcases the appreciation of the wonder of flowers, plants and trees -- as well as their connection to a garden of inspiring values.

L1, Plaza 21 May 2017, 4:15pm – 4:45pm

The Ostrich and the Tiger

Paul Goh Choon Yong

The Forest is under threat and must find a new Protector. Ostrich and Tiger go through a contest of tasks and riddles but who will the Tree of Light choose? A tale of bravery and leadership with embedded parenting skills.