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Media Summit

Date: 5 Jun 2015 (Friday)
For: Producers, television/film executives, commissioning editors, screenwriters, authors, publishers, app developers, animators, filmmakers and content creators.
Pricing: Full-day Pass: S$ 200 (S$ 150 for early birds till 31 March 2015) Registration details
Tickets: Full-day Pass / Writers & Illustrations Conference: 3-day pass / 5 Jun pass / Full Festival Pass
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The Media Summit provides a crossover networking opportunity for media and literary professionals from Asia and around the world. The conference presents a line-up of sessions and workshop centring on multi-platform storytelling, pitching, interactive narrative and digital marketing to address the current trends and issues in the content market.

Delegates from Writers and Illustrators Conference Day 3 can also attend the sessions for Media Summit.

Illustrated by Cai Gao, China

9:00am – 10:00am
[Keynote] The Urgency of Telling Asian and Local Stories

Raymond Tan (Managing Director, Brainchild Pictures)

Legends and myths have been told by Asian parents over centuries. Many of these stories are not recorded, thus only few are widely known, such as Mulan and the Monkey King. These rich stories are equally as exciting as Wizards of Oz, Pinnochio, etc. With more people taking notice of Asian cultures, there is no better time to tell these timeless stories urgently as more mediums are available than ever. 

10:30am – 11:30am
[Keynote] Immersive Storytelling for Effective Visual Impact

Marco Sparmberg (Founder/organizer, StoryCode Singapore)

With the emergence of highly sophisticated media technology content creation has been democratized. Everybody is a storyteller now. For professional storytellers immersive narratives and location based experiences are becoming new ways of engaging an oversaturated audience taste. Spherical screens, whether physical and virtual, have become the canvas for future stories.

How Does An Engaging E-Book or Mobile App Look Like?

Gerald Cai (Head of Learning, Media Solutions & Product Planning, Southeast Asia, SAMSUNG Electronics)

In the production cycle of an edu-game or ebook, publishers are constantly making decisions on the level of interactivity, intensity of graphics, types of sound effects and many other considerations. Join Samsung's regional Head of Learning as he shares key takeaways and insights from usage data from the Samsung KIDSTIME service platform. Learn about the common characteristics of the most popular games and ebooks on Samsung KIDSTIME.

12:00pm – 1:00pm
Mock Pitch Session (Media)

Marco Sparmberg (Founder/organizer, StoryCode Singapore) Kenny Tan (Filmmaker, Visual Director and Producer Mediacorp)

Find out how to package a complex cross-platform transmedia project as a pitch, as Marco Sparmberg and Alison Norrington expand on a variety of different content, roll-out strategies, platforms and media technologies involved in transmedia projects. 

Storytelling from an App

Eric Huang (Development Director, Made in Me) Shirin Yim Bridges (Head Goose – Author, Editor, Publisher, Goosebottom Books, Gosling Press) Saad Chinoy (Chief Geek, Tusitala (RLS) Pte Ltd)

Imagine stories with a digital touch! Join this fascinating panel discussion, as our panellists discuss more about augmented reality, book markets for story apps, “real” and “fictional” worlds, and the future of story apps!

1.30pm – 2.45pm
Speed Pitching (Media)

Saad Chinoy (Chief Geek, Tusitala (RLS) Pte Ltd) Alison Norrington (Writer, Producer, CEO and Founder of storycentral) Marco Sparmberg (Founder/organizer, StoryCode Singapore) Eric Huang (Development Director, Made in Me) Raymond Tan (Managing Director, Brainchild Pictures)

Get a chance to pitch your ideas to any one of our panellists for a chance to get your ideas commissioned. Our panellists include established professionals from the media industry who are looking for fresh and new ideas. Whether it is an idea for a television series, web series, transmedia project or an interactive app, sign up for a pitching slot and you have 10 minutes to sell your ideas!

More details here.

3:00pm – 4:00pm
Connecting with Children through Transmedia Storytelling

Alison Norrington (Writer, Producer, CEO and Founder of storycentral)

Born in the digital age, children consume stories and respond to interactive content without a second thought. Highlighting examples from animation, broadcast and blockbuster movies, Alison Norrington tell us more about children’s consuming stories and transmedia storyworlds that resonate with them.

The Boundless Creativity of Multimedia Picture Books

Tania McCartney (Author )

Authors and illustrators will achieve a deeper understanding of multimedia design options through the creation of high impact picture books. This session will help you to explore various mediums, think outside the box and produce work you truly love.

4:30pm – 5:30pm/6:00pm
Creating Epic Storyworlds

Alison Norrington (Writer, Producer, CEO and Founder of storycentral)

Creating Epic Storyworlds walks you through the process of considering genre, mythology and opportunities to expand your storyworld and directly dial into loyal fans and audiences. These transmedia strategies focus on creating storyworlds that are immersive, spreadable, shareable and high concept whilst considering overall design in harmony with smaller, individual stories.

Intellectual Property for Multimedia Works

Trina Ha (Faculty, Legal Counsel, IP Academy)

Writers and publishers are increasingly looking into creating content to be exploited across multiple platforms and formats. This session will give an overview of the common intellectual property rights issues involved to enable writers and publishers to effectively protect, distribute and exploit these multimedia works.

Reviewing Books and Movies: How are they Different?

Sally Murphy (Author) Genevieve Sarah Loh (Senior Journalist, TODAY / Channel NewsAsia)

Sally Murphy and Genevieve Loh discuss about the process behind reviewing children’s books and movies- from selecting books to publishing the completed review- and how reviewing books and movies can be different.

Unleash Your Potential with Online Platforms

Tania McCartney (Author ) Emily Lim (Author) JF Koh (Organiser, International 24-Hour Comics Day Organising Committee) Maisarah A.S (Municipal Liaison, NaNoWriMo (Singapore Chapter))

Join the creators and participants behind NaNoWriMo, 52-Week Illustration Challenge, 24-Hour Comics Day, and the 12x12 Picture Book Challenge - online challenges that often push illustrators and authors to discover their maximum potential. 


The festival organisers reserve the right to change speakers, events, session times, dates, and/or other details when necessary.