Maurice Wheeler

Founder and Strategy Partner, The Little Big Partnership, UK

As Founder and Strategy Partner at The Little Big Partnership, Maurice Wheeler has developed audience-led strategies that have solved problems such as: how do you get more families playing Xbox; how do you get more kids engaging with Premiership football clubs; how do you create advocates for kids TV and publishing classics and how can Disney use social media to sell more DVDs.

He has more than 15 years of marketing experience starting out in the classic agency environment of Leo Burnett before starting his own agency Doco (formerly Digital Outlook) in 1998, and then The Little Big Partnership in 2012. Wheeler has helped many clients including the BBC, Nickelodeon, Disney, Microsoft, Tesco, Universal Music, Unilever and Lego.

He has written a number of papers on how to effectively engage with different audience types from kids to fathers to the family unit as a whole. You will mostly find him reading or writing research papers, preparing presentations, running or playing with his two boys.