M. Raihan Halim

Creative Director, Papahan Films

Often calling himself a “part-time scriptwriter, fulltime storyteller”, M. Raihan Halim’s career in television began after winning two Golden Pen Awards at the MDA: National Scriptwriting Competition in the years 2005 and 2007. He’s the only local writer/director whose television works transcends cultural lines and are featured in all four main channels in the country. 

Best known for his award-winning television dramas, his telemovies Yazid Wears Diapers garnered the Best Special Drama award in a local television award show and Big Time In Little Street was nominated in 2010 Asian Television Awards. His latest telemovie, the romantic comedy Mr Perfect won Best Special Drama and Best Actor in this year’s Pesta Perdana. His work in children’s programming includes the mystery comedy The Private Bengs, the sic-fi adventure Nick Of Time and the innovative series, What?! I’m On A Game Show!.

In 2013, he started work on the cloning children’s comedy, Me, Myself & Isaac, two telemovies commemorating the 10-Year Anniversary of Sars and is currently working on his feature film, Banting.