Visual Texts and Narratives

Catarina Sobral (Illustrator and Picture Book Maker)

FOR: Aspiring and established illustrators
MATERIALS TO BRING: Brushes, paint, sketchbooks, art materials 

Visual storytelling is complex. From the point of view of the illustrator, it requires an important faculty: the ability of thinking with images. From the point of view of the reader, the ability to read them and to construct meaning. Wordless picture books are challenging and a medium of excellence for illustrators. In this masterclass, you'll get to:

1. Understand the structure of the picture book as a sequence of images: graphic coherence, montage, rhythm / raccords
2. Organise a story in three moments with different durations: problem - solution - catharsis
3. Construct meaning without verbal text, communicate time, space, point of view, etc.

Part of: Masterclasses