The Chronicles of Oujo, Book 1 – Questalon

Joshua Chiang (Illustrator, Scriptwriter, Cerealbox Studios)

Oujo dreams of being an adventurer are put to the test when he’s forced to leave home and fend for himself. He decides to go to Port Motley, but no one there will work with an untested ‘adventurer’. First he's got to prove himself. And there’s only one way to do that ...

Jeffrey Lawrence Omar has been writing scripts for children's animated series since 2006.

Joshua Chiang is no stranger to illustrating children’s books, having illustrated Monsters Under the Wall in 2009 as well as releasing his own illustrated book Trackless Paths. The pair met while working on the Singapore produced animated series, Nanoboy. Pooling their talents together they help develop, conceptualise, and create ‘The Chronicles of Oujo’, a children‘s series which they are now releasing as a set of interactive-animated books.

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