Children, Speak Up! (panel of children aged 9-12)

Älvi Lindborg (), Caleb Loh (), Erik Weibel (), Kho Chen Kai (), Madilyn Graham (), Malavika Romel (), Sherman Akarsh Adithya (), Sophie Graham (), Vaishnavi Sanjay ()
Moderator: Myra Garces-Bacsal (Educator, Reviewer, Blogger)

Too often, children’s voices are not heard when it comes to ‘adult conferences’ that debate what appeals to a young audience. This panel explores literature for children by children themselves, aged eight to twelve years old. The panel consists of teacher-nominated, avid young readers who are part of a book club, Gathering Readers. These Singapore-based children will talk about books that moved and engaged their sensibilities, providing helpful tips and pointers about what moves them to pick up a book.

A quick preview on YouTube from the kids! 

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Writers & Illustrators Conference